About Us

McFabricators is a Two Man Operation

Custom WeldingBarry McFadden and W B McFadden.

Both of us have been working around metal since we were very young. Barry McFadden is the son of the late William H. McFadden a welding contractor in the central Kentucky area for many years. Barry was tagging along with his dad at a young age and became excited about welding at about 6 or 7 years old. He learned well and by age 10 he was acetylene and arc welding. W B followed in his father's (Barry) foot steps and has himself developed great skills. Our work is to us like that of a fine artist.

We really like building beautiful hot rods. We have helped produce many very fine street rods and conversions. Other projects include metal repair on heavy equipment. We can also help entrepreneurs with small quantity and short run specialty items.

what we offer

Attention to detail

We take pride in all of our work being show room quality.

50 Years Experience

Over 50 years of combined experience working with metal. Everything from sheet metal fabrication to welding repairs on farm equipment.

True Craftsmanship

Anyone can weld two pieces of metal together. It takes a true craftsman to deliver a top notch show car from it. Unlike most we treat our work as an art form.